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My name is Tash (they/them/she), a queer pnw local who has been tattooing on and off since 2011.

I decided to pursue tattooing more avidly in the summer of 2019, and I hope one day soon to make it my full-time passion. My aim is to create safe spaces for my clients, and to provide unique tattoos that combine natural elements with bold aesthetics.


Tattooing can be a very therapeutic and intimate art form that allows people to reclaim their bodies, process trauma, express themselves, or represent something significant. I always want to create tattoos that are meaningful, playful, and will last a lifetime. Flora and fauna, popular culture and fine line work are some of my favourite things to tattoo! 





How to Book

I primarily book appointments through email only - this is because email conversations are easy to keep track track of, and I can share the links to book appointments much more easily!

I do reply to Instagram messages, but please be aware that DMs are very easy to lose track of, so I may ask you to send me further info through an email. 

In your DM/ Email, please include the following: 

● Your first name + pronouns 

● The concept of what you would like + any reference images 

● The placement you would like (if known) - if you’re looking to fill a space between tattoos, please include an image of the space and surrounding tattoos. 

● Your budget of how much you are comfortable spending. I can design custom tattoos with this in mind! I’m also open to splitting larger tattoos into two sessions to help with budget. 

Deposits are required for all appointments, and must be paid before your appointment is on my calendar. Once we reach the point where we are ready to book, I will send you a link to book your tattoo and pay your deposit!

Consultations for Custom Tattoos

For all custom tattoos, I will ask to schedule an in-person consultation, or a virtual consultation via Zoom. Most consultations last around 30 minutes, and provide you with time to share with me your vision for your tattoo, and for me to share with you my ideas to bring the tattoo to life. 

You can book a consultation below, but please send me an email with your idea within 48 hours of booking the appointment, or I may cancel your consultation appointment.

Policies and Deposits

:L'Amour De Soi Tattoo is a small studio space. Please limit your guests to one person. DUE TO COVID-19 I AM NO LONGER ALLOWING GUESTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO. 

Square Invoices, Venmo, PayPal, and cash accepted. There is no ATM on site. DUE TO COVID-19 I AM ASKING FOR DIGITAL PAYMENT ONLY.

I charge $150/hr with a $100 minimum. BIPOC clients may request sliding-scale pricing. Please keep in mind that this rate is mostly to help me provide you with an estimate for how much a piece may cost. It is very important to me that there are no surprises day-of, so my estimates are the absolute maximum for your tattoo as is. If I end up taking less time to tattoo you, the price goes down - if you change or add an element entirely, the price may go up.

I offer one free touch-up within 1 year after your appointment date. There are certain areas of the body which do not hold ink as well as others - such as palms, fingers, elbow, feet, knees - and I will discuss this with you and any touch-up needs at the time of the appointment.

All appointments require a deposit of at least $60. Custom work requires a deposit of at least $100 (as well as a drawing fee, see below), as custom work takes longer to design. Deposits are taken to ensure your commitment to the appointment, and compensate the artist for time drawing the artwork. Your deposit secures your appointment date/time and will go towards the final cost of your tattoo. 

All deposits are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, you must give 48 hours notice before your scheduled appointment time, and your deposit can be rolled over to a rescheduled appointment a maximum of one time. Your deposit is forfeit if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, are over 30 minutes late to your appointment, do not show up, or change your mind completely about the design last minute. DUE TO COVID-19, I AM BEING LENIENT ON THIS POLICY WHERE POSSIBLE.

For custom work, I charge a non-refundable drawing fee. This fee is only for custom work, and pays for the time spent drawing your design. This fee also allows you to request one (1) in-progress sketch before your appointment date. I allow only minor tweaks to the design (modifying small parts of the design) - anything more major like changing elements of the tattoo or the concept all together will result in another drawing fee, and might result in a reschedule. This drawing fee depends on the size of your tattoo, and ranges from $80-$100. If you have questions about this, please let me know. 

No racism, misogyny, transphobia, or homophobia will be tolerated in my space. L'Amour De Soi Tattoo is a safe space for all. 

I strive to be as culturally-sensitive as possible. If you are wanting culturally-specific imagery, I ask that you please consider whether the design is relevant to you. I reserve the right to deny any tattoos that I feel may be culturally appropriative, gang-indicative or offensive (whether intentional or not).  I will not tattoo fascist or racist symbols - if you ask me to, expect an appropriate response. 

I offer free or discounted rates for coverups for tattoos created by abusers, in traumatic circumstances/environments or hate tattoos. 

I also offer free color test tattoos, and sliding-scale pricing for BIPOC clients.

If you need more information about traumatic or hate tattoo coverups, or my free swatch tests, please let me know by sending me an email.

Day-of Info

● Please remember to eat a good meal before any tattoo + bring a bottle of water along! 


● I cannot tattoo you if you do not bring a valid ID to your appointment. I cannot accept military ID ( though if you have one, I’m sure you already know this) or student IDs. 


● DO NOT ARRIVE intoxicated or hung over. This will effect the tattooing process and makes it near impossible to have a pleasant experience. 

● Square Invoices, Venmo , Paypal, and cash payments only!


covid-19 safety guidelines

These safety "guidelines" are the rules I must follow in order to operate within King County at this time. These guidelines are made with your safety and mine in mind, and are not flexible. 

If you have any questions or concerns about these new guidelines, please let me know. 


You must wear a face mask at all times during the appointment. I would ask that you put on your mask before leaving your vehicle if you are driving. If you do not have a mask, I will provide one. Just know that supplies are limited, and having your personal mask is the best way to avoid having to reschedule. 


You will be asked to self-screen yourself for symptoms, and my usual rescheduling policy will be altered to allow for day-to-day changes. I will also be taking the same self-screening procedures and will gladly share my temperature readings before your appointment if it helps you feel more comfortable!


In your appointment confirmation email, I will provide you with my phone #. Text or call me when you arrive at the studio, and I will come get you and bring you up to the studio. Please do not DM me on Instagram, as I do not check those as often.


Per guidelines set by the state, I can only have one client in my space at a time. This is a guideline I am strictly enforcing and therefore I am not allowing guests at this time. If you require an aide to be present for disability support, please let me know and we can work something out. 


I am asking everyone to please utilize Venmo and Paypal, as these are touchless means of payment. I will accept cash, but know that I will be asking you to put it into a provided ZipLoc bag ( please don't be offended, it's not you - cash gets around).


Pretty self-explanatory. I will be texting you a link to your consent form before your appointment time. This has to be filled out prior to your appointment. I will be taking a photo of your ID when you arrive. 

I know this is a lot! If you forget a step, it is okay. We are all learning, and I will do my absolute best to make sure we are both as safe as possible throughout the entire procedure. If you have questions , please ask! 

Get in touch


L'Amour De Soi Tattoo

700 NW 42nd St, Ste 331

Seattle, WA 98107

(located within ActivSpace Ballard)

License #: 8453 

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