About the artist

Class: ink slinger
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HP: 1200

MP: 800


- Dippin' and Rippin'

- Foodie

- Got the Good Scritches for Doggos and Cattos

- Nerd Speak

My name is Tash (pronounced tah-sh) and I grew up here in the PNW, specifically Poulsbo which is a small town with the *best* donut shop in the world (fight me). I love the water and the woods and can't imagine living somewhere without them nearby. I love to cook, read, play video games and make things. I'm *obsessed* with Star Trek and True Crime podcasts ( Aquarians, what can I say?)

I started tattooing out of my mom's kitchen ( on myself) when I was 16 and have been tattooing on and off since ( this is why the whole "how long have you been tattooing question is hard!) I have had several apprenticeships, and found the industry at large to be unwelcoming and toxic to LGBTQ+ ,BIPOC, and female-bodied communities, which ultimately caused me to leave my apprenticeships. I promise I will make a whole blog post about this soon! Although I am primarily self-taught, I hold myself to a very high standard and practice every single day to become better. 


I am humbled every single day I get to tattoo, and I have immense respect for this art form! I love my clients and would not be here without you. 

I love to tattoo black and grey, blackwork, and neotraditional styles.  I can and will do color tattoos as well!

coming soon : Meet the Email wizard : Mira!
class : Shop dog
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HP: 500

MP: 1200


- Heckin' Cute

- Transforms into Donut

- Power Naps

- Good Delivery Boy

- Gumshoe Wrangler

Meet the shop dog : norman!

Norman is sometimes with me at the studio during tattoo sessions - he is a smaller dog and very very friendly! He can be a bit rambunctious, but the most he will do is throw a lil toy at you. 

Although I love this lil bugger, I understand not everyone is a dog person! If you would prefer norman stay at home the day of your tattoo, please let me know!

norman is a korean jindo mixed with a corgi - my partner and I adopted him from a rescue that saves doggos from the meat trade.  he is three years old and had a cat sister that he loves very much.