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Welcome! I'm so excited you're  interested in booking a tattoo with me! this page will tell you how to go about booking, rescheduling, as well as info on how to commission artwork from me!



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Steps to Book:

 1.  First, you'll want to submit an inquiry either through the Custom tattoo form or the flash form -- you can find links to both of these forms below if my books are open ( if they are closed the links will not be active)



2. Once you've filled out an inquiry form, your job is done!


Just wait for myself or my email assistant to reach out to you to book either a consult or your appointment! 

**PLEASE do not reach out about your inqury form or fill out a duplicate - we answer inquiries in the order in which they are received and will get to yours in time.**




Deposits are required for all appointments, and must be paid before your appointment is on my calendar. Once we reach the point where we are ready to book, I will send you a link to book your tattoo and pay your deposit!

DEPOSIts are non-refundable. No exceptions.

Flash pieces and small tattoos ( 2 hours or less) require a $60 deposit. 

+ large pieces ( more than 2 hours) require a $100 deposit

+ All day sessions require a $150 deposit

deposits go towards the final cost of your tattoo, and are redeemed at the time of your appointment. For multiple session pieces, your deposit will be applied to your last session.



Please keep in mind I am being more forgiving when it comes to rescheduling during covid-19. things change day to day and i always want to be mindful of that - all I ask in return is mutual respect of my time as well.

  • if you have an appointment, and need to reschedule for any reason, you need to provide me with at least 72 hours notice. ( during covi-19 less than 72 hours is okay, but again, please just be respectful of my time, and just be honest)

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late the day of your appointment and have not contacted me, you will be counted as a no-show and your deposit is forfeit. You will need to reach out via email to rebook. If you are over 20 minutes late ( whether you have contacted me or not) I may reschedule you.

  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, please keep in mind that I only hold onto deposits for 2 months after your original appointment date. This means that if you do not have a rescheduled appointment on the calendar, your deposit is forfeit. 

           + With this in mind, please make an effort to reschedule your appointment within a week. We will send a reminder and some date options when you email to reschedule.

           If you do not indicate that you intend to reschedule, your deposit is forfeit.

  • please keep in mind that deposits are not refundable. if you do not indicate in your email that you intend to reschedule, and do not reschedule within a week of your original appointment date, your deposit is forfeit and i will require a new deposit.

I appreciate honesty! Shit happens, If something financial comes up, I get that - just let me know and I'm more than happy to accommodate the reschedule or help with a payment plan!

For more information on, please send me an email or view my FAQ page

I am currently not accepting trade work