Here you'll find the answers to most of your questions! If you have a question that isn't answered by this list, send me an email!

Q: Do you charge deposits?

A: All tattoos require a deposit which goes towards the cost of your tattoo. flash pieces  will have a deposit of $60, anything Custom will require $100 - all-day 

sessions (6+ hours) require a $150 deposit.

Q: i want to get tattooed! How do I book?

A: click here to get all the info!

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Q: how much do you charge?

A: My hourly rate is $160/hr with a $200 minimum. Please keep in mind that this rate is only used to give you an estimate and the final price of a tattoo depends on factors like placement, amount of detail and size. i do my absolute best to avoid any surprises at your appointment, I am an efficient tattoo artist and as such I rarely charge based on my hourly - I will provide you a range at your consultation and am happy to explain further during our conversation.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: I have a Square Point-of-Sale system and can accept all major card companies ( even amex) or cash. Due to the nature of Paypal and Venmo, I am not accepting these as payment options at this time, except for tips. 

Q: What can I do to prepare for my session?

A:  You want to make sure that you:

       + Are well-rested

       + Are hydrated ( bring a water bottle)

,        +have eaten a good meal no more than 2-3 hours before your appointment ( ideally a meal, not a small snack - if you are not a morning eater, please schedule an appointment later in the day) 


     +Do not come to the session hung over or under the influence.

     +Please refrain from taking any pain medication unless prescribed for a medical condition

    + consult me first if you intend to apply a numbing cream ( I prefer you don't , as they usually alter the condition of your skin before the tattoo and can hinder the healing process)

Q: what about consultations? Am I required to have one?

A: All custom tattoos require a consultation, even if your concept seems straightforward. A consultation allows me to introduce myself before your appointment, ask any questions I may have to make sure I 100% understand your idea, and for you to ask any questions you may have!

Q: do I have to travel to seattle for my consultation?

A: Consultations are virtual only for the time being, unless we are doing a very large piece ( like a sleeve) or a tattoo/scar coverup. They take place over Zoom.

Q: Well then how does the consultation work?

A: If you have a Zoom Consult booked, I will send you the link to the meeting at least 24 hours in advance. Please keep in mind though, sometimes I’m human and I might send it just beforehand! If you have trouble with the link, please reach out via text.

Q: Can you tattoo over scars?

A: I can absolutely tattoo over scars - I usually will ask for you to come into the studio so I can take a look at the size/depth of the scar and determine the best course of action. Scars must be fully healed before we can tattoo the skin. Please keep in mind that tattooing does not alter the texture of the skin so if your scar is deep you will still be able to tell where it is, although it will be less obvious!

Q: can you cover a tattoo for me?

A: Tattoos can be covered, but not all. For coverups, I generally will ask for you to come into the studio so we can talk options and I can take well-lit photos of the tattoo to be covered. Some coverups may require multiple sessions. If you are unable to travel to the studio we will discuss options.

Q: Do you offer sliding-scale pricing or payment plans?

A: I no longer offer payment plans.


Sliding scale pricing is also available for my BIPOC clients - I also offer free tattoos to BIPOC clients every other month for more on that, click here!

I also offer free or discounted rates for covering tattoos created by abusers, in traumatic circumstances/environments or hate tattoos. Please do not take advantage of this offering, and be respectful of those who need this.

Q: how do I get more information on payment plans or the free/discounted services you offer?

A:    For the Community Care services ( as I'm calling them) click here!

Q: can I see my tattoo design before my appointment? I'm uncertain about it.

A: I do not send drawings or sketches before your appointment. Period. If you are coming to me for a tattoo, this means that you like my artistic taste/style enough to trust me to make you a rad tattoo! I also factor in the first 30 minutes of your appointment to go over the design to make sure you’re happy with it.

Q: are there any kinds of tattoos you won't do?

A: I reserve the right to deny any tattoos that I feel may be culturally appropriative, gang-indicative or offensive (whether intentional or not).  I will not tattoo fascist or racist symbols - if you ask me to, expect an appropriate response. 

I will not tattoo genitals, eyelids, inside the mouth, sides of fingers or bottom of feet. 

I will not tattoo viking runes , sexually explicit imagery , "no black", or other artists' work.

I will not tattoo religious imagery.