coverups for self harm

or trauma-related scars/ tattoos

These can be delicate conversations. As Mentioned above, I will never ever ask you to explain yourself. This is why it is so important that everyone considering this service takes into account their economic priveledge. IF you can afford to pay full price for a coverup for your scar, please consider submitting a regular jotform to book a consultation.

That being said, this is open to anyone who has scars as a result from self harm or traumatic events, or for those who have tattoos created by known abusers.

I want you to feel at home in your body again.

Please note that a scar "coverup" does not always make the scar invisible. As scars oftentimes alter the texture of the skin, a tattoo cannot alter the texture of the scar. You will still know it is there, but we can make it less noticeable, and help you feel more at home in your skin!

I will only be taking on one of these projects every two months. this may change depending on each project.

Please see below for information on how this works:


  • Limit to up to 3 hours of tattooing work per coverup. This means no full back pieces, no sleeves. Please be mindful of this.

  • Not all scars and tattoos can be covered. This is an unfortunate reality. The deeper the scar or darker the tattoo, the more difficult the coverup. 

  • I will require you to come into the studio for a consultation to talk about your ideas and for me to determine whether your scar or tattoo can be covered.

how this works:

((More info coming soon!))

Since this program is new, I am still planning on its structure! IF you would like to help me do this -

please fill out a feedback form here!

I will be taking on only one of these projects every few months, with priority to Black, indigenous, poc, Trans, and queer, and disabled folkx.